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Ganyu Lewd Toggle Mod  

Upload: 04 Nov 2023, 14:23
Created by: Lewd_Lad
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Ganyu Lewd Toggle Mod

Hey patreons! Hope you're all doing well. Got a request from someone to put the new body textures from Lumine on Ganyu. At the same time I decided to upgrade my Ganyu to a full body, full toggle wardrobe system that'll allow me to do multi-toggles for her... there's still a lot of costumes and variants I haven't put out for her, despite her having multiple costumes! (Succubus + Bunny).

Anyway, I've put a bit of work into improving the body details for this too - giving unique coloration and details to the nipples and labia and pussy.

She looks fantastic when going for a swim - so I've also made this particular mod a swimming auto-toggle mod; when she goes for a skinny dip, she becomes fully nude, including barefoot!

Otherwise she toggles through her original outfit in parts, while retaining at least her collar/bell and her shoes.



Press H to toggle forwards, Press Y to toggle backwards.

Xbox Gamepad:

Press LB+X to toggle forwards, Press LB+Y to toggle backwards

For swimming auto toggle, make sure you have the 'BufferValues' folder unzipped into your Genshin mod directory, as that is a file that will help to detect the swimming stuff automatically.

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  1. Guest sam
    Guest sam [Guests]
    18 November 2023 09:28

    горячая деваха