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Angry Turrets  

Upload: 24 Nov 2022, 03:24
Created by: The Z
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Angry Turrets

This mod changes the originally created mod Sentry Turrets and turns them into Angry Turrets.
But don't use Angry and Sentry Turrets simultaneously!
It could cause lag and unpredicted behavior.
Angry Turrets sprites credit to Team Fortress 2 Sentries

Brita's Weapon Pack compatibilities are already integrated here.
But you are NOT REQUIRED to install Brita!
It's just automatically adds new guns into a recipe as consumables.

- If you have a save there you already read an Angry Magazine without a Brita and later you installed it, then the same recipe will be just expanded as it is but with new possible guns to be consumed.
- And otherwise, if you read a magazine with Brita installed and then will remove it from your server - the recipe will be updated to a shorten list. NO NEED TO REREAD MAGAZINE.
- Main thing in Brita is Arsenal(26) - don't forget to install it if you are going to use it with Brita.

Works in Multiplayer and Singleplayer.
Performance has been improved and synchronization optimized.

Who are these Angry guys?
Shotgun Turrets - are devastating low range with multi targets (1 + 4).
Pistol Turrets - are fast shooters with mid range.
Sniper Turrets - are multi height shooters with long range (self floor and 2 lower itself).

They are angry, don't think that any will survive a shot.

These turrets are really angry kids, you should find and read an "Angry Turrets for dummies" magazine before searching them in your crafting menu.
Or, as usual and unfair, could born as engineer instead.

Who are target?
Only zeds are targeted. All players are safe of being shot, no worries here.

It works with mid saved games
Look for undiscovered area to find a magazine
or spawn it using admin panel in MP or NecroForge mod in SP

Who are Titans?

Is an admin version of a turret which is not available via normal game process.
Key points:

  • No ammo needed
  • Cannot be picked up after placed (due to its 100 weight)
  • No options to dismantle it
  • Only available via admin item list viewer in MP or via Necroforge in SP by its Id.
  • Rest functionalities are same as its normal version

Angry Items IDs for NecroForge:

Base.ATAngryMagazine - Angry Turrets for dummies magazine
Base.ATSniperTurret    Base.ATSniperTurretTitan
Base.ATPistolTurret    Base.ATPistolTurretTItan
Base.ATShotgunTurret    Base.ATShotgunTurretTitan

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