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Read While Walking  

Upload: 24 Nov 2022, 03:31
Created by: star
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Read While Walking

Requires SearchModeAPI

- You can read while walking.

Additional features
- You can also start/stop reading by pressing the "R" key. So now you can read and kill zombies almost at the same time, using only the keyboard.
- You can start reading by clicking, even if the book is in a container nearby, you just take it.
- The "R" key can be changed in the control settings if you have the ModOptions mod. But this is not necessary, there are no conflicts.
- Pressing "R" simply won't work for reading if you have a firearm in your hand or if you are in build mode:

Priority in the operation of the "R" key
- Books in favorites have priority. Although the unfinished book has the highest priority.
- Books in inventory take precedence over books in backpacks, and backpacks take precedence over containers.

Reading dimming and limitations
- Cannot be read in search mode.
- Reading now also includes black screen mode (see screenshot).
- Sleepiness affects the viewing radius when reading.

The mod is compatible with future game updates and any neat mods from the workshop. You can safely enable/disable this mod in any save. Should work in multiplayer.

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