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Perk-Based Artefacts (update 20)  

Upload: 27 May 2022, 14:41
Created by: TheMrDemonized [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Perk-Based Artefacts (update 20)

Big gameplay changer mod, a unique twist on overhauling old junk artefacts beyond the boundaries of simple stat changers. 30+ brand new shiny perks to try.

Introducing Perk-Based Artefacts, A unique twist on overhauling old junk artefacts beyond the boundaries of simple stat changers.


  • Decreased Phantom Star duration when its active
  • Lowered pitch of sound of Cell perk
  • Further increased degradation rate of Lucifer
  • On each level change Lucifer will lose 2-2.5% condition


  • Slightly increased degradation rate for Lucifer (about 15%)
  • On each level change Lucifer will lose 1-1.5% condition
  • Slightly lowered speed boost for Lucifer


  • Small maintenance update
  • Fixed crash when trying to get current psy health for several artefacts to work (ie. Scar)


  • Small maintenance update
  • Compatibility and bugfixes with FDDA backpack animations for Phantom Star perk
  • Reduced satiety drain for Sourpuss perk

All 30+ Junk artefacts are no longer junk and received unique special abilities or Perks. The degree of perks vary from simple boosters to marvellous staff like recharging batteries by stepping in Electra, receiving Money on Headshots or Even Evading Death itself when all hope is lost.
Multiple artefacts might or might not stack the effects and penalties of Perks in various ways, and effects are triggered on very various conditions.

The mod comes with FULL and LITE versions. FULL version balances out some usual artefacts stats, primarily bullet/rupture-proof and carry weight artefacts to make new artefacts shine more. This is the intended way to use the mod. LITE version doesn't touch vanilla configs and maximum compatible with other mods like Artefact Renovation, ARX, Outfit Attachment Overhault and any other that touch artefacts

Let the pics below speak for itself what you will see with this mod, and its only just a very little glimpse on what lies within:


The mod wouldn't be done without the immense help and ideas from these 90lvl chads:

  • KronQ - text description and formatting, ideas
  • Blackgrowl - ModDB preview pic, ideas
  • artifax - technical support, ideas
  • Jurkonov - Support, ideas
  • HarukaSai - techincal support, idea
  • and many others who contributed to the development of the mod

If you like my work and wanna support further creations, i will be very glad and appreciate your donation ;)

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  1. Tolka
    Tolka [Guests]
    20 November 2022 17:33

    How do I turn off/get rid of the lucifer artefact?