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Wicked Whims v179.3 Animations Pack 2023 by Ricendo  

Upload: 22 Jul 2023, 17:37
Last updated: 2-11-2023, 08:37
Created by: Ricendo [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Wicked Whims v179.3 Animations Pack 2023 by Ricendo

12500+ animations are already available for download!

Dear friends, I welcome all. Ready to demonstrate your collection of animations. The archive contains objects and clothes that require animation. Unlike the existing pack by 2024end, I will try to update this pack more often, and it is possible to install a file via a torrent. Only the essentials.
*In the DLC folder: objects, clothes, and other necessary files for the pack to work. Please do not delete anything to avoid problems.

Authors of animations, objects and clothes (09.10.2023):
0zzy, Anra72, Anarcis', ATrois, Azmodan22, Bodahloo Animations, CherryPie, E404P, FEMDOMANIA, GreyNaya, Jade Scorpion;s, Lupobianco, Mike24, Motherlodesims, PZANIM, QuinSims, Salarmoj's, Sucre, Swee3, WildGuy, YrSa, Zorak, Big Bad Bunny and possibly someone missed.

Installation: unzip the "Animations WW" folder into the "Mods" folder, where your installed mods are located.
UPD: Updated animations. I sorted the folders. Now you don’t have to download the whole package if you have the previous version.

If you are downloading this pack for the first time (or you have its first version V1), then install it completely: main link, backup link, torrent
If you have a version of the previous pack (V2), then you can install the update (V2.5): download the update, download the update by torrent. [762 MB]

Cannibal MOD v2 final 37 MB

Cannibal MOD v2 final NSFW

01 Apr 2022
10 885

You can convert them via a cannibal altar located at the sculpt section at decorative an the slab are at sculpt section too. The cannibal fridge is located where the normal fridges are.

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  1. itnonve
    itnonve [Guests]
    29 May 2024 01:39

    it not allow downlaoding in gogle drive because "Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently." is there a way for you to fix this?

    1. Aqxaro
      Aqxaro [Admin]
      29 May 2024 14:48

      Try downloading via torrent.

  2. thrwjsnn
    thrwjsnn [Guests]
    24 March 2024 23:13

    is there a version that isn't rar  file

  3. Scitzofrantic
    Scitzofrantic [Users]
    29 January 2024 07:05

    What game version does this work on?

  4. Under_Cell
    Under_Cell [Users]
    2 November 2023 03:35

    is there a way to update your files

    1. Aqxaro
      Aqxaro [Admin]
      2 November 2023 08:37


      1. Under_Cell
        Under_Cell [Users]
        2 November 2023 18:54