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Upload: 26 Apr 2022, 15:45
Last updated: Yesterday, 09:19
Created by: sexybeast12162
Uploaded by: Aqxaro

This mod is Basically the same as the DeliciousVagina Mod that i created but this one has more to it and is revamped for men and women.

What it all includes?

This mod includes 2 traits one is called DeliciousVagina and the Other one is called DeliciousDicks. The other stuff with it is reward trait in the reward store i made it 0 points so that there is no price for them and there is one for female and male wont ruin the surprise for you so that you can check them out yourself. There are a whole lot of buffs for the traits and the others around you as well there are social interactions as well for each trait with there very own pie menu with there own image for them i think the images i chose were just right for them.

How To Set Up The Mod?

To set up this awesome mod you will need to add the traits to the required sims in the CAS menu and that is pretty much it then when you are in the game you can go from there and have fun with it.

Whats To Come?

There is a lot more to come to this mod i want to add images to all the buffs included in this mod and some fixes also want to add more social interactions to both traits and also to add traits to moms and dads in the sim world to teach there children about safe sex  as teens and there child's. there are going to be way more updates to this mod i enjoyed this one more then the others so will be getting more done to it don't you worry and more fixes and updates to it.

Questions or Request?

If there are any request or concerns  please don't hesitate to ask or message me if i don't get back to you  right away don't worry i will just i am very busy with either updating  mods. You can always message me on my Patreon as well as i am always on that

For the Next Version?

The next update to come will be minor fixes and after that will be images to all the buffs. then i will be adding a lot more other stuff like i mentioned in Whats To Come.

Things you Need For my Mod?

If you don't already make sure you get XML Injector for it to work from SCUBUMBO

Requires the XML Injector

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