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Outfit Customization (OC) 1.2  

Upload: 10 Jul 2022, 21:54
Created by: ColonolNutty
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Outfit Customization (OC) 1.2

The mod allows you to customize the items of clothing/accessories your sim wears without logging into CAS (All ages)

Features :

  • Customizing the items of clothing/accessories your Sim wears without entering CAS (All ages)
  • Put on or take off garments on the fly
  • Example: put on / take off your glasses without the hassle! (This mod does not come with glasses, get your own!)
  • Expandable: You can add your own clothing items to work with this mod without having to modify the CAS element itself. 
  • Bulge will not be enabled for children or toddler sims and OC will not take any responsibility or offer any support for what people choose to add regarding children and toddler sims

Mod settings:

  • Click on a Sim who is aged teen, young adult, adult, or older
  • Find the Customize Equipment (OC) interaction (it shows up as a top level interaction, it has OC in the name so you know it from this mod)
  • Choose what you want to wear/take off
  • The items you have are already displayed in green.

What's new in version 1.1.5:
- Removed Age and Species from the categories selection list, since they don't make sense anyways.
- Add Mod Settings Menu support.
- At least version 1.2.22 of S4CL is now required.

Sims 4
At least version The Sims 4 Community Library

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  1. Гена Ситников
    Гена Ситников [Users]
    31 March 2024 09:12

    Привет а будет ли этот мод работать на последней версии игры кто нибудь знает!!!

    Бесполезный мод

  2. Гена Ситников
    Гена Ситников [Users]
    14 December 2023 16:03

    Привет!!!А есть ли русский перевод на модик!!!

    1. Aqxaro
      Aqxaro [Admin]
      14 December 2023 16:29


      1. Гена Ситников
        Гена Ситников [Users]
        14 December 2023 17:33

        Привет а будет когда нибудь?