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CCB (Curvy Custom Body) 1.1  

Upload: 24 Feb 2023, 09:10
Last updated: 2-03-2023, 09:59
Created by: LewdKrumb [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Version: 1.1
CCB (Curvy Custom Body) 1.1

The full nude body is called CCB (Curvy Custom Body), you will find 6 options with different breasts and buttocks.

This mod replaces the costume from the deluxe edition called Dark Arts, just put on the costume and gloves together.

Installation: Place all [.pak] files in SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods. If you don't have a ~mods folder just create it.

CCB_-_Curvy_Custom_Body_1.1.rar (All in one)

Thong Mod 4 MB

Thong Mod NSFW

15 Feb 2023
25 778

Now your main character in Hogwarts Legacy will be able to wear revealing thongs. The modification replaces the lower part of the champion's suit, where a white thong will be displayed instead of a pants.

Adventurer Crop Top + Skirt 4.15MB

Adventurer Crop Top + Skirt NSFW

25 Feb 2023
30 420

Mod that replaces all three variants of Adventurer clothes. It doesn't work with cloak or produces many clipping. They may be some clipping while running or using stair I will fix later

Curvy Champion Nude 5 MB

Curvy Champion Nude NSFW

21 Feb 2023
32 530

The new modification exposes the female character in Hogwarts Legacy and slightly enlarges the original body shapes. The mod replaces the original Champion outfit and other costume options with a naked body with an enlarged booty.

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  1. sheshh
    sheshh [Guests]
    8 May 2024 15:53


  2. Golden Orakel
    Golden Orakel [Guests]
    8 September 2023 11:40

    That can be nice, but that give me Bad NPC Comments, its bad that this is the Underwehre. Soory my Englisch is bad, its allso bad thats is only for white Skin. I will not play white a white Skin. When you transform this to a real Outfit maybe a Standart Outfit in many Skin-Color then this are a great beautiful Outfit.

  3. Ilikemods
    Ilikemods [Guests]
    27 June 2023 20:28

    Upon starting a new game the body/boobs clips through the starting clothes, has anyone else got this issue and is there a fix/workaround?

  4. smuttytoast
    smuttytoast [Guests]
    28 April 2023 18:28

    This causes an issue where any outfit using the same shoe mesh as the dark arts outfit (classic uniforms and tartan uniforms) to have no feet. Any way it could be fixed or moved to a different more uniquely-shoed outfit slot to prevent this?

  5. Erifj Skk
    Erifj Skk [Users]
    24 April 2023 10:33

    This mod is not compatible with short skirt mod, can you fix it?

  6. Happy
    Happy [Guests]
    1 April 2023 01:11

    Crashing on loading shaders with no other mods enabled. Any Ideas?

    1. cunhak9
      cunhak9 [Guests]
      1 April 2023 03:48

      you still have mods installed, check your packs folder

  7. Saint
    Saint [Guests]
    15 March 2023 22:19

    Please update because there are seam lines on the legs and lower back. And can you fix the clipping with outfits and robes? Great mod btw.

  8. sprunk
    sprunk [Guests]
    8 March 2023 13:34

    I'm not running any other body or clothing mods but this one clips really badly with the SBSB version on some outfits, mostly the ones with longer skirts. Not sure if the other options have the same problem or not.

  9. Smiles
    Smiles [Guests]
    8 March 2023 05:50

    How do you make the face in the second pic of the darker haired girl?

  10. Nimarus
    Nimarus [Users]
    8 March 2023 01:37

    Users: CCB_-_Curvy_Custom_Body_1.1.rar (All in one) does not require the Dark Arts outfit, it replaces the pajamas you wear when you'd normally unequip your outfit.

    I hope the mod creator, LewdKrumb, might make this compatible with the Silky Tights mod (by Peek6) on Nexus Mods. That mod creator also has a short skirt mod that works alongside the silky tights mod (Allowing your character to wear short skirts with silk tights or matching skin tone (bare legs). Sadly, this mod isn't compatible with the silky tights mod. You can still use the Short Skirts mod, but the socks will basically cover the entire legs.

    The mod creator gave instructions for making their mod compatible with their Silky Tights mod:

    This mod is compatible with your outfit change mods.  To use this mod with your outfit change mod, Just remove the sock overrides from your custom outfit DAs and let your mod's users know to grab z_104_silky_sheer_tights_P and z_106_... from here, but NOT z_105_no_sock_overrides_in_outfit_DAs_P (which will overwrite your outfit DAs).

    It doesn't look like there is anything users can do on their end unless they know how to make these edits themselves to LewdKrumb's mod. Just posting this for anyone who wonders why their character's legs look all weird after installing Silky Tights.

  11. Arry
    Arry [Guests]
    7 March 2023 16:12

    Please add an option to replace a different outfit with this. There are already a lot of mods which change the Dark Arts set.

    1. Arry
      Arry [Guests]
      7 March 2023 16:52

      Never mind, the all in one option replaces the underwear so that's the way to go.

  12. luke
    luke [Guests]
    6 March 2023 22:16

    why do your links keep taking me to scam sites to download random stuff?

    1. Aqxaro
      Aqxaro [Admin]
      7 March 2023 07:47

      Use adblock

    2. Bot_Compot
      Bot_Compot [Guests]
      13 March 2023 11:01

      Because you don`t pay for downloading mods from this site, that`s why.

  13. Alder
    Alder [Guests]
    6 March 2023 07:19

    Thanks for a great mod.

    However, it took some effort to make it work. The mod seemed to work irrespective of the folder I placed the files in (mods or ~mods) as the respective icon appeared in the Gear Appearance menu for outfits and gloves. I used the SBSB version, and the game kept crashing whenever I tried to turn my outfit invisible to reveal the nude body. I finally managed to make the mod operate by placing the mod files in Paks folder; then, in the game, I first changed the appearance of gloves to be invisible, and only then proceeded to do the same to the outfit. The magic worked and my female character denuded, the game remaining stable. 

    Hope the info may be useful for some of the fellow gamers. 

    Now we need a mod for NPCs to react to the player being nude. Though it is a different mug of pumpkin juice to deal with the game's AI. 

    Thanks for the excellent and immersive mod once again. 

  14. GigachadUwU
    GigachadUwU [Guests]
    6 March 2023 00:57

    This is the best Female Nude mod that exists atm, (especially Average Breasts Normal Butt, doesn't have cartoon portions / huge botched silicon inserts, but looks very natural).
    The first version release was basically "Paywalled" by having it replace the Dark Arts outfit. However this new 1.1 version replaces the Pajamas.
    I think the reason for that is the Dark Arts Outfit didn't break most of the other uniforms / robes, but it was less accessible to those who only owned the base version of the game. With the change to Pajamas expect most of your uniforms to be broken, except for scarves and hats.
    The file you should be downloading is the "CCB_-_Curvy_Custom_Body_1.1.rar (All in one)", the others are the old 'Dark Arts' outfit versions.
    Make sure the mods are placed in the SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods (if there isn't a ~mods folder, create it). And make sure all your mods are placed in the same folder, or you WILL have crashes & compatibility issues. (Like I had the Complexion Mod in Pak & this mod in ~mod, and it crashed every time on the loading shaders screen.)
    If you still have crashes it's because some of your mods are conflicting.
    When I loaded it up the face and body skin textures did not match (I was using Paler and Darker Skins (Alternate 2) from Nexus Mods). I tried every single complexion mod, as exhausting as it was, and found Vessnelle's Complexions (TYPE C1!) to fit really well. It has a smoky gothic look and fits the choker and darker / black hair. If you're going for a softer look try School Makeup (Pink Rosy), it doesn't match 100% since it's a touch pinker / redder in hue, but it's close enough.

    To fix the ugly grimacing wicked witch faces download this: Female Face Fix . It doesn't get rid of it 100% but it makes it WAYYYY better. Face type 2 is actually kinda attractive now.

    And lastly get some cat ears.

    Hope this helps. Thanks to the mod maker LewdKrumb for doing the Lord's work.
    In future it would be nice to have Black Nail Polish to complete the subtle goth look. 

  15. sunporn
    sunporn [Guests]
    3 March 2023 23:46

    sbsb is absb, please fix.

  16. MissingNo
    MissingNo [Guests]
    3 March 2023 03:21

    This body, with the "Vanilla" school uniform in mini skirt and a little bit of cleavage. This will be gold.

  17. TheJoker2229
    TheJoker2229 [Users]
    2 March 2023 23:08

    This is the second one I have tried, installed the file exactly where it says to do so, but it does not work whatsoever.

    1. sulivan
      sulivan [Guests]
      2 March 2023 23:37

      iL y a beaucoups de chance que tu a laisser ( tu sais le pantalon vert tres moulant ) eh bien il faut l’enlever de tes mod

      1. TheJoker2229
        TheJoker2229 [Users]
        3 March 2023 02:11

        I don't understand what you are trying to say, and google translate, translates your message very poorly.

        1. sulivan
          sulivan [Guests]
          3 March 2023 11:55

          deleted Champions Leggings
          to have Dark Arts
          install the mod

  18. rameyuk
    rameyuk [Guests]
    2 March 2023 11:32

    Sometimes all you need is just a simple yet modest miniskirt uniform with bare legs or crew length socks for both players and NPCs, so you can actually enjoy playing the game without breaking the lore too much. I appreciate that this mod exists, of course. But fully nude mod isn't that enjoyable to me. I just need something somewhere in between, neither fully covered like in vanilla, nor fully nude like this.

    1. Raidtron
      Raidtron [Users]
      2 March 2023 17:31


  19. Craig
    Craig [Guests]
    2 March 2023 11:22

    How do you get it to work? does just work being in the mods folder?

  20. Andy
    Andy [Guests]
    1 March 2023 21:20

    Hey hey, any idea how to fix the bug that makes it look like you're wearing a grey patchy skin suit? 
    Or what causes it? 

  21. Sulivan
    Sulivan [Guests]
    28 February 2023 01:16

    Bonjour, cest géniale mais avec des poiles pubien et des bottes ce serait encore mieux 😋

  22. fdfe
    fdfe [Guests]
    27 February 2023 21:36

    can anyone adapt this to any other clothing? i didn't buy the deluxe version 

  23. thx
    thx [Guests]
    26 February 2023 22:46

    Next step would be nude NPC... and a non-DLC outfit replacement

  24. cock
    cock [Guests]
    26 February 2023 00:42

    This makes my game crash when I get to close to the clothing shop in hogmead

    1. cock
      cock [Guests]
      27 February 2023 00:15

      Nvm it does not anymore I think it was the champion Leggins but it didn't crash when I removed CCB. It could also be the new 1.1 CCB update, I don't know man the game is new

  25. Mary
    Mary [Guests]
    25 February 2023 01:24

    Could you please make a Nude mod for Males as well? :) 

    1. xty
      xty [Guests]
      25 February 2023 05:51

      The mod was made by a Russian artist ("source"). Unlikely your message will reach him, but someone will probably make one of those eventually.

      1. xty
        xty [Guests]
        27 February 2023 08:46

        I appreciate the response. It would be nice to have Denuvo DRM removed like in the Empress crack, but I'm playing on the official Steam version. Hopefully there's a cracked offline solution for Steam in future. The cracker hacked Denuvo v17 in just 2 weeks which is really impressive, and I expect a lot more mods in future because of it. 

        1. xty
          xty [Guests]
          27 February 2023 08:48

          ((^ignore* I responded to the wrong comment.))

  26. xty
    xty [Guests]
    24 February 2023 09:57

    idk why this is basically "paywalled" by the deluxe edition outfit. Out of all the in-game outfits that could be modded they replace the Dark Arts outfit.

    1. jibbity
      jibbity [Guests]
      27 February 2023 01:14

      get EMPRESS crack, they just finished this week and it comes with the goods

      1. xty
        xty [Guests]
        27 February 2023 08:47

        I appreciate the response. It would be nice to have Denuvo DRM removed like in the Empress crack, but I'm playing on the official Steam version. Hopefully there's a cracked offline solution for Steam in future. The cracker hacked Denuvo v17 in just 2 weeks which is really impressive, and I expect a lot more mods in future because of it. 

    2. PolskaKielbasa
      PolskaKielbasa [Guests]
      1 March 2023 23:15

      You can add all DLC to your standard copy of the game using files from a mod that was uploaded to Nexus Mods but it was reported for piracy and removed shortly after. I downloaded it before it was removed, and I have the original .zip files saved on my PC. Instructions on how to do it are included in the .zip files. If you are interested, here is a download link to the files:

      1. Alder Dean
        Alder Dean [Guests]
        5 March 2023 20:24

        The Cream API archive is password-protected, can't extract. Do you have the pass?

        1. PolskaKielbasa
          PolskaKielbasa [Guests]
          7 March 2023 06:54

          Password is:

    3. sunporn
      sunporn [Guests]
      3 March 2023 23:47

      Newest version from the full file uses the underwear

  27. yxz
    yxz [Guests]
    24 February 2023 09:46

    How about small breast + small butt (base game butt)? Nice work tho!

    1. sunporn
      sunporn [Guests]
      3 March 2023 23:48

      It exists in the new full file though for some reason right now sbsb is absb.