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Passionate Romance Mod v1.5.5 (04.07.2024)  

Upload: 24 Mar 2022, 14:11
Last updated: 9-07-2024, 16:48
Created by: Sacrificial [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Passionate Romance Mod v1.5.5 (04.07.2024)

This mod adds a Passionate Romance menu. There you will find interactions that will help your characters express all the passion towards their partner.

Sims will be able to pinch their partner's soft spot, snuggle up to him/her, kiss, take a romantic selfie together, twirl their ass in a dance, and walk around holding hands.

  • With this mod, your character will have additional romantic interactions: kiss, pinch your ass, slow dance, take a selfie, and even walk hand in hand!
  • This update adds a slow dance where the couple will kiss and make other romantic interactions as they move.

Express your true love and feelings with passionate new interactions. Show your passion to your loved ones with new romantic interactions that will spice things up and send your Sims to a happy place.

Humanized Servos 15 KB

Humanized Servos

07 May 2022
2 855

A tuning/script mod I put together that stops the Servo outfit being applied during Servo creation, effectively making Androids whilst still allowing the user to switch back to the default Servo look under the normal 'Change Appearance' option in the Servo Pie Menu if desired.

Crop Farming Career

Crop Farming Career

11 Jul 2022

Are your characters fed up with life in the city? Do they want to grow crops and dig in the ground? Then this ten-level career is just for you! With it, you can go through a difficult and painstaking path from a greenhouse worker to a farm manager.

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