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To install the mod, you need to copy the files to the folder "C:\Users\{USER_NAME}\AppData\Roaming\Factorio\mods" or use the special FMM program (factorio mod manager). If a mod is missing from the requirements, please let us know in the comments.

Krastorio 2 [0.18 - 1.1] v1.3.24  

Upload: 13 Mar 2023, 14:59
Last updated: 5-07-2024, 10:05
Created by: raiguard [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Version: 1.3.24
Krastorio 2 [0.18 - 1.1] v1.3.24

Krastorio 2 adds numerous new buildings, items, technologies, and mechanics to the game. Originally developed by Krastor and Linver, now maintained by raiguard.


  • All new high resolution animated sprites
  • More than 300 new and unique icons (not re-skinned variations of the same icon)
  • Over 40 new buildings
  • Over 100 new technologies
  • New weapons
  • New resources
  • A full combat overhaul
  • More granular fuel trade-offs
  • Radioactivity
  • New tiles
  • Compatibility with Space Exploration and Industrial Revolution 2
  • Localization in over a dozen languages

... And much more!

New resources

Three new resources have been added to the game:

  • Imersite: A rare end-game resource used in many advanced recipes. This material is useless on its own, but when used in advanced manufacturing processes, exhibits ludicrous tensile strength and superconductive abilities.
  • Mineral Water: Water impregnated with various silts and dusts from the planet's surface. Used primarily in the production of lithium.
  • Rare Metals: An analogous representation of various rare elements (i.e. titanium, platinum, gold).

Biter creep

Biters have evolved a passive defense mechanism that drastically slows down other life-forms attempting to attack their hives. This Biter Creep is gross, but will prove useful in your quest to vanquish the territorial bugs from this world.

While the material must initially be harvested by hand, further research into the species may yield a method of growing it in an automated fashion.

Combat mechanics overhaul

Combat has been completely overhauled. Bullets are now physical objects that have speed, wind resistance, and various AoE effects. Bullets have to travel through space to their target, and can be blocked by solid objects.

Auto-aim is disabled by default, requiring the player to skillfully choose what to aim at. This does not play nice with multiplayer latency, so an option to re-enable auto-aim is included in the mod's startup settings.


Science progression has been majorly overhauled. Instead of science packs, you produce tech cards that are inserted into research computers. There are three tiers of tech card, each of which require their own laboratories.

Early-game tech cards will be phased out as the game progresses, allowing you to redirect resources to other parts of your factory.


Higher tier equipment has been added, allowing for even greater quality of life during the end-game. Almost all vehicles now have equipment grids.

... And more!

Your path may lead you to discoveries that, perhaps, should remain purely science fiction.

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  1. Sigyramo
    Sigyramo [Guests]
    4 July 2024 23:14

    ребят, обновите мод. На официальной странице факторио уже новая версия вышла

    1. Aqxaro
      Aqxaro [Admin]
      5 July 2024 10:06


  2. Bum_BomBomja
    Bum_BomBomja [Guests]
    6 November 2023 05:45

    good mode so many weapons and armour, good