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Hedgehog May Cry - Combat/Physics Revamp  

Upload: 24 Nov 2022, 02:59
Created by: KirbyKrew661
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Hedgehog May Cry - Combat/Physics Revamp

Hedgehog May Cry - A gameplay revamp mod

This mod is designed for one thing, and one thing only: This game looks really good, but doesnt play as good as it looks. That's what this mod tries to remedy by doing several changes to combat and physics (Inspired by Beatz's Physics mod.) To list off the changes:

Overall Sonic Nerfs

Sonic's Offence has been greatly lowered to make fights longer. Go and focus on collecting Seeds of Power to increase your odds against the horde of cyberspace demons.

Phantom Rush decay speed has been doubled, making gaining it and maintaining it harder to get the player to do flashier combos to remain in phantom rush.

Spin Slash is practically useless for gaining/maintaining bar. To counter this, the amount of Quick Cyloop Gauge it increases and damage for the technique is among the highest in sonic's moveset.

Grand Slam and Recovery smash have been VERY, VERY, VERY heavily nerfed (100+ damage at level 44 offence? ARE YOU KIDDING ME, SONIC TEAM?!)

Parry Stance Time has been reduced, making you actually need to time parries instead of just holding the button down.

All Cyloop drops have been removed from the pool. You can now only spawn 10 rings every minute.

Cross Slash now lasts far shorter, does way less damage, increases slightly less Phantom Rush Bar than vanilla.

Sonic Boom has had it's damage lowered by a lot, and falls to the ground a lot faster.
Enemy Buffs

All enemies (including guardians) have had their health increased.

All enemies (including guardians) Are now more aggressive and are overall less annoying to fight. Beware the horde.

Overall Sonic Buffs

Skill Tree costs have been greatly reduced

Phantom Rush now increases specific moves more than others to encourage using them. These same moves however, dont generate a lot of bar.

Skills that you would normally get for saving Amy, Knuckles and Tails are now unlockable with skill points, making it possible to learn them sooner.

Overall increased speed on every movement ability (Drop Dash becomes very, very powerful at level 99 speed.), Jumps now keep your speed from when you were running (Basically, Jumping from a boost or a Drop Dash will keep all that speed instead of cancelling all your momentum), Sonic's handling has been improved, he controls a tiny bit less like a car and more like a Motorcycle with a nitrogen fueled engine.

Less Endlag on landing a homing attack, making chains less sluggish.

Increased Speed on pretty much every skill tree move, making them more snappy to use and "less automated"

Loop Kick has received the ability to generate lots of phantom rush bar (As well as the speed boost)

Homing Shot has been buffed (Fills up Phantom Rush and quick cyloop bar more, and fires way, way faster.)

Quick Cyloop is able to be performed 4 times in a row before going on cooldown again

Quick Cyloop now recharges slight amounts of bar overtime.

Aerial Cyloop damage has been increased, Manual Cyloop damage has been increased by a lot.

And that's everything the mod adds/changes. 

Current bugs:
Knight/squid chase sequence from Chaos Island is borderline unplayable due to how fast sonic goes (I recommend you turn off the mod at this section.)

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