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LL Female Pal Cloth Armor - String Bikini With Heels 

Upload: 12 Mar 2024, 09:15
Created by: Lewd_Lad
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
LL Female Pal Cloth Armor - String Bikini With Heels

Modelled/designed/textured by Lewd Modding Team.

Ahoy Palworld Patreons!

We got more String Bikini goodness - this time with heels! Also we've ensured that the slider compatibility is there, as proven by the pics!

Apologies for the slowing down of Palworld mods - our team member that handles the Palworld side of things is unusually busy in his day job, while I'm grinding to get several Genshin mods finished. Nonetheless, I still keep an eye on things to ensure regular updates here and with plans for more good stuff coming down the track!

We thank you for the patience!


This mod needs one of the base nude mods found here


Copy and paste into your game directory as follows:


On steam, you can right-click the game > Manage > Browse Local Files to find your game directory easily

Make this folder if not available.

For gamepass, you'll have to google how to mod Palworld.


Unreal Engine Mods load in alphabetical order - so check to make sure that this mod loads after other mods that might replace the cloth armor (like the Nude Body replacer).

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  1. Borderlands3Enjoyer
    Borderlands3Enjoyer [Users]
    9 May 2024 20:27

    Whoever made this mod got mad taste ngl