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Russan Vladimir Replacer  

Upload: 17 Sep 2023, 21:37
Created by: JJ00RADIO [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Russan Vladimir Replacer

Replacer and preset for Vladimir or your main character

If you don't like preset face, you can use uploaded textures and change his face whatever you like!

His biometric ID is 22

Place "Data" file in Documents\My Games\Starfield.

Detailed instructions from the author of the mod:

Each NPC has an ID.
The main character's ID in Starfield is 14.
STEP 1: Press the ~ key to open a console command.
STEP 2: Click on an unimportant character (eg NPC) on which you will save your character's face. The ID will appear.
for example, if you click on Sarah, "NPC_ 'SarahMorganREF' (00005986)" will appear.
After that, enter "capp 14" to copy your face.
This will prevent the main character's face from being recreated again after you've copied your companion's face.
STEP 3: Enter "slm player 2". This command opens the character creation menu.
STEP 4: Once you have changed your face to your favorite companion face. Click on your companion character. As I said, if you click on Sarah, Enter: "capp 14". Your character's face will be copied onto your companion character.
STEP 5: Switch to third person view and click on your character. NPC_"(00000014) [EP] will appear. Then enter capp <ID of the unimportant character whose face you saved>
And you're done!

If you don't like the preset face, you can use the downloaded textures and change his face to your liking!

When changing Vladimir's appearance, the method is to change the main character's face and copy it to the NPCs, so copy the main character's original face to the less important NPCs (minor characters) first so that you don't have to recreate the face again. !

To put it simply:

1. open the console, select the NPC - an identifier will appear
2. enter capp 14 - and your current face will be applied to the NPC
3. Next, enter the command slm player 2 - this is the character creation menu, we create it based on the preset in the screenshots
4. after you have changed your character to Vladimir based on the sliders and preset - you need to select Vladimir himself in the console and enter capp 14 - then your current face will be applied
5. Go to 3rd person view, click on your character and enter capp <ID of the NPC on which you saved your original face>.
The point is that the mod allows you to save these changes even after restarting the game, incl. after loading the save, and at the same time, the skin color will also be saved, because it saves the preset as a texture.

If it doesn't work:

!If this doesn't work, try applying capp 22 to Vladimir - this is his base capp.
If slm player 2 did not work, try entering slm 14 - this is a complete character creation. Vladimir's base ID is 22 - in the creation menu, you can use his ID.
I’m just optimizing the instructions; I can’t check it myself yet.
I described the instructions based on the instructions from the author of the mod.

If it seems that this is difficult, then the problem is the lack of a Creation Kit.

Author's response:

This is a temporary solution until the Creation Kit is released for Starfield.
It's actually simple - just two command lines. slm player 2(SLM 14 as an alternative) to edit yourself and follow the slider images, then click on "Vladimir" and then enter CAPP 14.

Additionally, until the Creation Kit is released for Starfield, it could be months before a suitable replacement mod becomes available. If the Creation Kit had already been released I would turn the replacement mod into a real one, but until then this is all we have.

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  1. Brian
    Brian [Guests]
    24 September 2023 00:56

    STEP 1: Open console type "player.placeatme 001a93a5 1" your clone character will appear.

    STEP 2: Clone character will starts moving. So click your clone character and type "tai" to freeze.

    then do the above of going to character creation and changing your appearance, saving and copying it to the companion


    STEP 3: Click your clone character and check reference ID. 

    STEP 4: Click your character and ID will show up (NPC_ '' (00000014) [EP])
    Then type "capp <Your clone character's ID>"

    STEP 5 : Click your clone character and type "disable"