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More Kisses Mod #2  

Upload: 24 Feb 2023, 11:52
Created by: maplebell [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
More Kisses Mod #2

This is the second pack of the more kisses mod!  This pack was made in collaboration with Utoypa CC created these amazing animations. Many many thanks because they are *chefs kiss! 🥳For anyone who is interested in using the animations for a machination or for screenshots or anything else you would do with pose packs, you can get it from their page and download the pose packs from there. Please do check out their work because their CC and Animation Work is awesome!


XML Injector
The Mood Pack Mod
More Kisses Mod #1

Known Bugs

The only thing I have noticed so far is if you want to run this animation, try to run it alone without anything else in the queue, that is how it will work best. 

I would appreciate reports on any bugs that may arise.


Thank you to the pancake1 for their s4animtools this was so life-changing when it came to making animations available in-game!

Sakura - Cherry Blossom

Sakura - Cherry Blossom

04 Jul 2022

This mod adds the familiar fruitful sakura to the game. For many centuries, the sakura flower has been the most beloved among the inhabitants of the land of the rising sun and has become a symbol of the Japanese character.

Vampires Can Slay Interaction 4 KB

Vampires Can Slay Interaction

15 Apr 2022

With this mod, your vampire characters will become much more deadly - they will be able to drink the character dry and leave him to die from blood loss. The mod adds a separate action aimed at killing the target. Transform your creatures of the night into fearsome monsters!

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  1. Ashton
    Ashton [Guests]
    16 September 2023 03:21

    Is there an update for this?

  2. Ksyushka011
    Ksyushka011 [Guests]
    30 May 2023 16:32

    А перевод встроен?

    1. Aqxaro
      Aqxaro [Admin]
      30 May 2023 16:36

      Translation is not required.