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Bad Romance  

Upload: 25 Mar 2023, 20:27
Created by: Maïa Game [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Bad Romance
  • 🇫🇷 L'article sur mon site est disponible dans toutes les langues.
  • 🇬🇧 The article on my site is available in all languages.

Hello everyone,

I present to you Bad Romance, a mod that will allow your Sims (young adults to Elders) to be able to bang-bang in 9 different locations without the need for a romantic relationship, without going through the "first kiss" phase and, without generating romance between both.

Your sim, if he/she is not satisfied will have the option to request financial compensation from his/her partner 😅

6 random buffs for your sim and 21 random notifications in depending on the buff received 😎

You will understand, this mod is made so that your sims can crack-crac without worrying 😜

It is in early access on my page Patreon and Boosty and will be available for free on March 14, 2023.

In the adult version</ strong>, coming soon, texts for buffs and notifications will be hotter 🔥

🔞 In order not to offend minors, this version will only be accessible for adults.

Have fun!

Kiss ❤️️💋

Cliquez ici / Click here ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️

Article sur mon site dans toutes les langues / Article on my website in all languages


🇫🇷 Coucou à toutes et tous,

Merci de lire l'article sur mon site, il est complet et contient toutes les captures et informations nécessaires.

Le Xml Injector a été mis à jour en Juillet 2022, merci donc d’utiliser la version correcte.

  • Téléchargez le package et le ts4script
  • Placez les fichiers dans votre dossier mods

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Bisous ❤️️💋

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  1. Ashton
    Ashton [Guests]
    16 September 2023 03:22

    Is there an update for this?

    1. PLGDante
      PLGDante [Chief editors]
      22 September 2023 10:52

      Not at the moment