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Cridowskin - 4K Near Seamless Skinset for CBBE - Freckles Makeup and More  

Upload: 13 Sep 2023, 15:40
Created by: Cridow [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Cridowskin - 4K Near Seamless Skinset for CBBE - Freckles Makeup and More

Cridowskin V3 - Return of the Freckles!

This is the third and final version of this skinset. No more updates will be added.

Thank you everyone for downloading, endorsing, and supporting this mod!

Thank you for the support :)

EDIT: As of February 17th, I'm disabling the bug tracker. People are reporting bugs without information, bugs that are user errors, and things that are not bugs at all. This mod works fine on my end as of its final version - and I imagine it works for many others as well. If you're having trouble with it, then my advice is to use a different set of textures. I don't have the time or patience to try and sort other people's personal circumstances and load orders.

What's new?

  • Nipples have been redone, with nipple texture from DDFFF 3.1;
  • Built-in HPR support;
  • CBBE NPC HeadRear Fix Remake lazy support*
  • Full Unique Player support from the get-go - you can pick a different basegame replacer at the same time! Or even none, making this skin player-only**;
  • A new alternate normal map option;
  • Freckled version makes a comeback, available in all different body hair options;
  • 2K faces default - You need 2k face files from other mods like Natural 2K Face Textures or Real HD Face Textures 2k if you don't already use 2k faces.
  • 1K face pack is now included in the installer;
  • Separated the skin installer from the NPC face data files, for user ease of access. You can choose to re-install Cridowskin 3 with different options without needing to downbload the massive load of NPC face textures;

*partial support with a lazy patch. My recommendation is that you follow the tutorial in that mod after installing mine as normal.

**To make it player only you still need a means to get face textures. You can use the basegame face files, also included in the FOMOD. But my recommendation is to use Unique Face Texture - LM Tint API and set up this mod's textures to work with it according to that mod page.

If you plan to use this as a basegame replacer, please download Main File 2: CRIDOWSKIN - Facegen for Full Replacer and install it. It doesn't matter if it is before or after the full installer.

If you plan to use this for Unique Player, please download that mod first, and then pick your options in the Cridowskin 3 installer. Make sure my mod overwrites Unique Player.

If you ONLY want to use this for Unique Player, you do not need "CRIDOWSKIN - Facegen for Full replacer".

Even more customization

I've made available the PSD (photoshop files) for the body, face, and hands. It contains all options from the installer as layers, and a few extra options (original nipples, DDFFF flushed texture and DDFFF texture with no boob shade baked onto it). You can also easily add tattoos in this, but I have not added any in the PSD.

If you're familiar with Photoshop but you never edited textures...

You need the Intel DDS plugin for Photoshop, NOT Nvidia's. Google it, and install Intel's DDS texture plugin for Photoshop.
After you've edited your texture, FLATTEN IMAGE. Don't leave layers around!

How to save DDS files:

Face diffuse maps should be saved as BC3, NOT BC7 (that leads to a dark face bug).
Body and hand diffuse maps can be saved as BC7.
Normal and specular maps, either body or face, should be saved as BC5 - two channel tangent

Special Thanks

MonoaMN for being so kind to help me when I messaged them.


1 - Cridowskin Installer
2 - CRIDOWSKIN - Facegen for Full replacer

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