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Open bra outfit (Physics + all houses + cum bonus)  

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Upload: 08 Mar 2023, 19:48
Created by: Zambuid
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Open bra outfit (Physics + all houses + cum bonus)

Install in ~mods folder, packed with chunk 118.
Physics demo:

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  1. Usta
    Usta [Users]
    2 April 2023 17:54

    There are black artifacts near the boots on the socks and on the skirt while moving. What is this and how to fix it?

  2. purebl00d
    purebl00d [Users]
    23 March 2023 22:10


    1. Ryou-
      Ryou- [Guests]
      28 March 2023 17:45

      Same here. Don't know if it's because of a conflict with another mod, but everything works except for the feet. They disappear for some reason.

      1. Usta
        Usta [Users]
        2 April 2023 18:08

        Снимите костюм Йенефер, если он есть - появятся ноги.

    2. Kitten
      Kitten [Guests]
      25 April 2023 06:40

      Has this been fixed ?  still no feet and  been  removing all mods. 

      1. Kitten
        Kitten [Guests]
        25 April 2023 07:26

        Ah hah !  found it !  Yenifer outfit  chops the feet off !

  3. ya mom
    ya mom [Guests]
    13 March 2023 05:48

    phataku, how do i access the files for the teal outfit you mentioned worked with this mod?

    1. Usta
      Usta [Users]
      2 April 2023 18:06

      Quest Quest in the village of Marunwim at the woman Marian - Protect the bird for feathers. (You need to have a bag to catch animals). Execute, surrender and get exterior - which uses the model from this mod. Or more simply, the costume ID preservation editor that you can't get 93.

  4. phataku
    phataku [Guests]
    12 March 2023 08:00

    There's dozens of outfits in the vanilla game that are available to mod, but everyone mods outfits that are locked behind DLC, or worse, limiter time twitch drops!  Can this be altered to replace a different outfit?

    1. phataku
      phataku [Guests]
      12 March 2023 08:38

      Did a little experimentation, and this mod appears to work with any clothing that shares the "Lilac Ensemble" model: Like the "Teal Striped Attire" which you can find or buy in the vanilla game.  You should mention this in the description for anyone who missed the Twitch Drops, they can still utilize this mod.

  5. 아리가또리
    아리가또리 [Guests]
    11 March 2023 12:54

    I like the physical effects of fluttering skirts.

    But the texture and proportion of the skin are too...

    My head is too small, but my body is too big.

  6. steve mcqueen
    steve mcqueen [Guests]
    10 March 2023 00:48

    how do i get the lilac ensemble?! the twitch drop period has ended hasnt it?? or is there a mod to get it in game? 

  7. lembot
    lembot [Guests]
    9 March 2023 08:40

    i missed out on the lilac thing, how do i put it on another outfit?

  8. ParadoxScore
    ParadoxScore [Guests]
    9 March 2023 01:11

    Looks good! I would also prefer a more normal body, but I understand if you do not wish to do this.

  9. joxer335
    joxer335 [Users]
    8 March 2023 21:51

    Can you conform outfit to vanilla body, plz? Proportions look unforgivable🙃