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Full Nude Mod (Beta 0.3)  

Upload: 19 Feb 2023, 12:38
Created by: jmedia7
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Full Nude Mod (Beta 0.3)

The "Adults Only" mod is designed to completely nudity the female characters in Hogwarts Legacy. Maud removes underwear, undressing the main character and maintaining the detail of the whole body. The file replaces pajamas (standard underwear).

Installation: Unzip the archive to SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\.

Adventurer Crop Top + Skirt 4.15MB

Adventurer Crop Top + Skirt NSFW

25 Feb 2023
20 016

Mod that replaces all three variants of Adventurer clothes. It doesn't work with cloak or produces many clipping. They may be some clipping while running or using stair I will fix later

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  1. alexandros
    alexandros [Guests]
    17 November 2023 16:16


  2. k3soft
    k3soft [Users]
    26 February 2023 15:40

    not work for me

  3. user
    user [Guests]
    26 February 2023 00:33

    mine does not work

  4. Daemon
    Daemon [Guests]
    25 February 2023 22:06

    I seem to be getting grey clipping around the legs. Does this conflict with any clothing or makeup mods.

    1. WEstoros
      WEstoros [Guests]
      6 March 2023 16:26

      Did you ever find a fix for this?

  5. sulivan
    sulivan [Guests]
    25 February 2023 02:47

    jour il y a du blanc le long de ses jambes 😢

  6. Mary
    Mary [Guests]
    25 February 2023 01:17

    Could you please make Nude mod for Males also? :)

  7. Rares
    Rares [Guests]
    24 February 2023 19:51

    The game crashes after the disclaimer with the mod installed even though it works fine without it. Any solutions?

  8. Mara
    Mara [Guests]
    20 February 2023 00:30

    I tried instlling it aalong the path you said, and extracted the files to the folder you specified, however, the mod is still not working. Any pointers?

  9. KinaraMei
    KinaraMei [Guests]
    19 February 2023 20:09

    My character seems to have arm issues...

    1. KinaraMei
      KinaraMei [Guests]
      19 February 2023 20:32

      nvm ignore me, didn't realise I NEEDED the gloves, all good now <3

  10. Loki
    Loki [Guests]
    19 February 2023 17:47

    Are you planing to make a version for darker skin tones?