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Female Body Fully Nude 0.3  

Upload: 25 Feb 2023, 15:02
Created by: J-Media, Mikan
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Female Body Fully Nude 0.3

Full nude edited version by J-Media and edited by Mikan.

Makes the character completely naked, replacing underwear, and is intended for lighter skin tones. You need to use fingerless gloves and a neckerchief to hide the seams as they still need to be worked on. Put in Paks folder NOT in mods folder

Installation: Place all [.pak] files in SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\

Nude_M Cloak Friendly 17.54MB

Nude_M Cloak Friendly NSFW

27 Feb 2023
24 648

This mod makes turns the SWIMSUIT SET into a nude body! Sadly, it has no hands yet so please use gloves!. It has a mini version of fig’s amulet to hide the neck mess but it can be easily hidden away with scarfs if you hate it.

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  1. masta680
    masta680 [Guests]
    3 April 2024 00:49

    What skin color do i need to use so that arms match the body? What number?

  2. Hikitsuri
    Hikitsuri [Users]
    16 March 2023 10:25

    love this, my go to body. any chance of other slider variants?

  3. jibbity
    jibbity [Guests]
    3 March 2023 02:32
    Quote: YIT

    discord link ?

    add the . and /

    https://discord    gg    UWwnwfJ64J

  4. TheJoker2229
    TheJoker2229 [Users]
    3 March 2023 02:25

    3rd Nudity mod I have tried on this site that does not work, tried installing it the exact way the author said to, and it does not work.

  5. jibbity
    jibbity [Guests]
    28 February 2023 04:54

    + Lore friendly body shape!

    + Works with any gear piece (compare to CCB mod which requires you equip Dark Arts set) so you can get creative with partially-nude looks.

    + Contrary to the description, I didn't notice any hand seams and the neck seams were easy to overlook. I wouldn't say you NEED to mask these seams with gear, it looks good enough without doing that.

    - I have an arms clipping problem, it looks slightly like my girl has another set of arms within trying to escape.

    - Clips with most gear. Some gear still looks good, others don't. I haven't played long so haven't tested much. One disappointment was that one nipple clips through the starter cloak, which I was using to hide the arms clipping glitch.

    - Can't be barefoot (socks/slippers appear when no gear equipped), and nude model's feet clip through the socks/slippers when wearing body gear.

    > Overall this mod is very impressive and a good bit of fun. Despite some issues it looks really good. I hope for more updates!

    > If the mod author wants more info to help reproduce the arms clipping bug, or screenshots, I will happily oblige.

    Quote: jibbity

    + Works with any gear piece (compare to CCB mod which requires you equip Dark Arts set) so you can get creative with partially-nude looks.

    Disregard my comment about CCB - I found a newer version of that mod on a Discord server and it no longer requires Dark Arts set.

    1. YIT
      YIT [Guests]
      1 March 2023 01:34

      discord link ?

    2. Andy
      Andy [Guests]
      1 March 2023 21:33

      Me too!

  6. sulivan
    sulivan [Guests]
    27 February 2023 14:12

    j’ai Toujours des trucs bizard sur les jambes

    J’ai toujours des choses bizarres sur les jambes