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Suitt's save file (The sims 4) Fixed! Emo Sims! 1.0.4  

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Upload: 17 Aug 2022, 09:34
Created by: alimivakin
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Suitt's save file (The sims 4) Fixed! Emo Sims! 1.0.4


  • So for the save to work well you will have to install the cc and the required items. After you have done all this, click on download (green button and you must be registered)
  • Then install *Suitt's save file*
  • After you have done that you unzip the file and copy the 5 files that were in the unzipped folder and then paste them in your saves folder
  • Done! Now you enter the game and play with the save file!
  • DOWNLOAD FROM DRIVE IF YOU DON'T USE TORRENT (CC only) - Don't forget to download CC content 9 GB!!

What does this save as?

  • Younger bella goth and mortimer
  • Cemetery (* trait that i created)

  • Groups
  • Sims
  • More gameplay
  • Halloween event
  • Better houses
  • Some better sims
  • Better Cooperdale School
  • Better sims uniforms (With FASHION AUTHORITY mod)
  • Better students
  • Witchies and Fairies
  • Witch school (Yes, like American horror story 3)


Recommended MODS


Is this the latest version of the save?

Of course not because there are still more custom sims in the save and also more mysteries!

Do I need to install said custom content?

Yes! Otherwise your game will be sh*t..

Do I have to pay for something on this save?

Of course not! I don't think saves are charged....

Do I have to install all the mods mentioned below?

No! Only the ones that are required! But if you want a cool experience, install some!

I don't want to play with +18 content what do I do?

Just don't install the AEP , Whicked whims and BB boobs mods!

Who is Mary Skies?

Mary Skies is a young adult who liked punk and also loved her nieces.

How can i be a witch/fairy?

See a tutorial from the mod creator here!

Save file biography:

In this save file you can unravel secrets such as the disappearance of Mary Skies (a girl who secretly disappeared at her boyfriend's house) You will probably see several Mary Skies posters

But it's not the only secret this save has! Discover several and unravel! (Note that for the Mary Skies story to appear in your game you will have to install the required mods created by me and also an RVSN mod that will improve your gameplay! More sims will be added later!

Update 1.0.4 

Things added in this update:

  • New Sims
  • Emo sims
  • New groups! (Emos, girls clubbing and other cool clubs!)
  • Fixed the torrent download
  • Fixed some naked and bald sims (If your sims are still the same maybe it's because you don't have the packs I have!)
  • Improved some ugly sims
  • New jobs
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  1. Under_Cell
    Under_Cell [Users]
    18 May 2023 22:20

    Can you re upload the 9 gigabytes required for the world stuff

  2. Cheryle Grylls
    Cheryle Grylls [Guests]
    7 October 2022 10:38

    Will this save file ever be in english

  3. Steve
    Steve [Guests]
    27 August 2022 10:08

    What happened to Loverslab page of this file?

    1. PLGDante
      PLGDante [Chief editors]
      27 August 2022 10:13

      I think they delete it. Maybe they didn´t update this Mod

    2. Idk
      Idk [Guests]
      26 September 2022 01:55

      The new name: Plumcitie Save file!

    3. Alinlin
      Alinlin [Users]
      6 October 2022 17:41

      I'm the creator of the Suitt's save file and I deleted it but you can still play my other save named "Plumcite save file".😁